Hoot House Productions provides low-cost studio production while still having access to professional equipment. If you’re in a band and just starting out in Seattle, it’s crucial to have professional recordings to build a fan base and to book gigs. Hoot House Productions wants to make it easier for that to happen for musicians who are strapped for cash. We have at our disposal a versatile collection of mics from Neumann, BLUE, Peluso, Rode, Sennheiser, Shure, and more. We can run either Pro Tools or Cubase through a few different choices of quality preamps and through a 16 channel Mackie mixer and an Echo Audiofire12.

We guarantee that we have what we need here at Hoot House Productions to fully realize your musical vision. And if you have some great song ideas but need help turning them into a finished product, we can help produce your next album.

Our head engineer, Adam Prairie, majored in music at Knox College and started recording his own music 8 years ago using Tascam tape decks and cheap digital audio workstations. Intrigued by the recording process, he sought out further education through the University of Washington Extension Program. After learning from brilliant engineers like Scott Colburn (who recorded the Animal Collective, Arcade Fire, and many others), he sought out bands here in Seattle to try out some new ideas in the studio. He has recorded several local bands, and he also performs regularly throughout the city. Adam will work closely with you to make sure your album sounds how you want it to sound.

If you’re interested in working with us, contact Adam at adam@octagonal.org or call 206.370.1429.

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